Logistic Services


At time of need for logistics solutions and warehousing facilities you can find your logistics partner - "Gaash" - advising and looking for your comprehensive and detailed tailor made solutions.


An in house solutions for your 3rd party logistics needs in Israel and worldwide.




"Gaash" is cooperating with a logistic center that provides storage services, orders compilation, distribution, stock operation, and other benefit operations (quality tests, kit setting, labeling, documentation, repairs labs and more). The center is operated by an advanced computer system that provides an immediate access and tracking of data.




"Gaash" is cooperating with companies that specialize in packaging, from the planning phase, through manufacturing and up to packaging at the customer location. 

• Planning a design according to a varying specification 
• Manufacturing unique packages 
• Extensive packaging services 
• Packaging solutions under special conditions 

Planning – a previous analyzing of the packed article, transferring conditions and customer needs, all put together by our professional workers and on to the engineering department, equipped by the latest software of design and manufacturing computer systems, to plan a package that offers an optimal solution based on the needs. 

Packaging – teams of experienced, skilled regular workers, using quality packaging materials and modern packaging equipment, will pack the products at the customer location or transport them to the company's packaging location.

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