"Gaash" is interested in being one of the best in air and sea shipping industry, and as such is committed to offering services that meet the highest standards. Our goal is to offer our clients the best service at a reasonable cost in taking care of your company's imported and exported shipments.

We are committed for giving service 24 hours 7 days a week. We will be glad to offer attractive prices for air shipping and consolidation services from all main airports throughout the world.




To all destinations, at all world ports, we'll be glad to offer import and export shipping services, land transportation within Israel and abroad, consolidation services, marine insurance, handling special deliveries.

"Gaash" has business relations with local agents in all international ports. The agents were chosen based on their credibility and operational skills. "Gaash" offers a regular service for and from main ports of the world.




A door-to-door service is offered through all phases of international shipping, starts with collecting the shipment, continues with planning the transit, and on to unloading and distribution in destination. The service offers packaging, transportation to the port, shipping by air or by sea, customs, ground transportation, unloading and distribution.




"Gaash" is offering consolidation services, shipments that unite several shipments. That way, you can save money and ensure the shipment's arrival in the fastest way.




"Gaash" specializes in drop shipments, cargo between countries that do not pass through Israel. The merchandise supplier, the receiver or the customer in Israel can make the payment for this service.




"Gaash" supplies with the worldwide forwarding services of exhibitions and fairs consignments.

Based on a DOOR TO DOOR service - will deliver your exhibitions and fair shipments to the pre-designated fair stand in Israel and worldwide.

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