Cargo storage

Storage, bonded and third party logistics services

Gash operates a logistics center that provides storage services, orders collection, distribution, inventory management, value added operations (quality checks, ironing, labeling, paperwork, repair labs).

The center is managed by advanced computer systems enabling immediate access to information and follow-up.

Packaging services

Planning – Preliminary analysis of the nature of the packaged product, the required transportation conditions and the different customer needs, all of which are collected by the professionals and transferred to the Engineering Department for the packaging planning process.
The engineering team, equipped with the best TABAM software, will design a package that will meet the needs of the company.
Packaging – Packaging teams of skilled and experienced regular workers, equipped with high quality packaging materials and packaging equipment, will pack the products at the customer’s site or lead the products to the packaging area of ​​the company.

Professional and logistic advice

Gaash has extensive experience in the field of professional and logistic consulting because it is an expert company in the fields of forwarding, brokerage and courier services, and provides a range of consulting topics:

Consulting and establishing operating and logistics systems
Consulting and professional training in the field of customer service – in front of customs
Consulting and establishing customer service systems for importers
Assistance in establishing a courier company in the field of e-commerce
Consulting in the field of logistic equipment, warehouses and sorting and distribution centers
Consulting in the field of negotiations with the customs authorities
Consulting and accompaniment of the courier division in the Chamber of Commerce in all matters of negotiations with Customs
Logistics engineering consulting for a logistics company providing Third Party Logistics – TPL services while improving the level of service.
Characterization of writing advice and accompaniment of the pre-clearance process for the three bodies involved in the process: courier companies, customs and non-profit organizations
Consulting in the field of method improvements and process improvements

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