What pays more for shipping by sea or by air?

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26 May ,2019

If you are a businessman if you are a private person, or even if you are on a trip after the army and now you want to transport various objects to the country – you should know that there are two options for shipping, by sea or air delivery.

It is true that we are living in an advanced technological age where a drone or a skimmer will not bring us packages to the door, but a moment before the eruption of progress, you should know what pays more: shipping by sea or by air?

Receiving parcels by sea – lines for the character of sea shipping

Shipping by sea is one that has been used for many years, in accordance with the laws and procedures of maritime borders, between different countries. These shipments are usually suitable for heavy objects such as electronic equipment, furniture, containers of clothing or merchandise, for heavy objects such as pianos, cars or any other object considered to be weighing hundreds of pounds.

This shipment is carried out by sea, it undergoes customs procedures, checks and customs clearance. The shipping price is considered to be lower than for air delivery, while it takes longer, at intervals of one to one month.

Receiving shipments by air – lines for the image of an air shipment

After examining the maritime shipment, you can reach the air delivery carried out by large or small aircraft. This shipment is considered more agile and allows the receipt of packages of small and large objects quickly, but at a higher price.

There are cases in which there is a need for an object companion, such as curators who accompany artworks to museums in Israel, or accompany fragile and sensitive objects. In such a case, the transfer must be made at the airport through the escort that comes with the object to the destination.

International delivery service – the way to deliver any object professionally

If you want to transport large objects, goods, furniture or any items from abroad to Israel, it is important that you help companies that carry out shipping by sea or by air. From customs, packaging and transportation to your destination, you can easily do business as well as deliver an expensive item safely to its destination.

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